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Community & Charity

Serving the Community & Charity
History of Pawn Shops & Community Service
Serving people and improving the quality of life to the members of the surrounding community is the primary goal of local pawn shops.  
By assisting customers who are in need of help to solve temporary cash flow shortcomings, pawn shops prove to be an important and needed service that provides relief to its customers who would not be able to find immediate resources otherwise. From the business owner who is waiting on an accounts receivable fund to clear in order to make a business purchase or meet payroll, to an investor in need of a quick cash source in order to conduct a business transaction, to the person whose transmission unexpectedly failed a week before their next paycheck……. Pawn shops provide a fast, convenient and friendly alternative to going through the long process of dealing with a traditional bank or loan institution and they provide a needed service to those individuals who would not qualify for a traditional loan.
Having the service of a local pawn shop makes acquiring a loan fast and easy because there are no background checks, credit checks or piles of paperwork to sign in order to receive a loan due to the fact that it is an asset loan which is secured by personal property until the loan is paid off.  Pawn shops are also more lenient and forgiving than traditional banks or loan institutions. They want their customers to reclaim their items and will typically work with customers who need extra time to pay off their loan.  In addition, if for any reason a loan payment is late or not paid at all, it does not harm the customer’s credit rating. 
Not only do pawn shops help ease financial difficulties during hard times, they also provide a way for members of the community to sell items that are no longer needed.  Subsequently, pawn shops are able to offer reduced prices on a multitude of products; thus saving customers cash and improving their ability to purchase additional needed items.  
Due to reality television in the recent years, the general population is becoming more aware of the pawn business.  Although the pawn shops featured on reality television do not usually portray the daily events of a typical pawn shop, they do offer more insight to the business as opposed to how they have been portrayed in movies and novels in the years past. If you take into consideration the positive service that is provided to the members of the community through the personal asset loan business, it’s easier to see how pawn shops benefit the residents of the area and the surrounding community.
Keeping in line with striving to be a positive force in the local community, American Gold Exchange & Pawn donates a percentage of all its sales to charities that serve the Raleigh and surrounding area.  It also encourages its employees and patrons to be active in the community in an effort to help others be socially responsible and improve the quality of life for those in need.

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